• Empowering People

    Crafting is a skill that people can immerse themselves into, giving focus on the here and now. Regular participation in crafts can build confidence and allow self-expression.

  • Forging Connections

    Meeting others on a regular basis and participating in a common activity is a great way to connect with new people. Allowing communities to grow and build upon social skills.

  • Inspire Creativity

    Creativity has to be used regularly so that it can grow. It can be integrated into other areas of life, bringing more fulfilment and new experiences.

One-off Workshops

These one-off workshops are great if you'd like to offer a 'taster' jewellery making session for you community.

These range from 2-3 hours in length, depending upon the course selected.

Where courses involve more risk, such as heavy tools and use of fire, the maximum amount of participants is 8. For other courses this can be up to 12.

6 Week Courses

Our 6 week courses are currently in development. Each course enables participants to learn a specific jewellery making skill, allowing them to build upon techniques learned, developing each week. This helps to increase confidence, boost creativity and create community.

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